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We offer comprehensive online certification courses in intimate health, with an option to include extensive retail and marketing training, for overall career development.


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Professional certifications and the value derived from earning credentials can increase prestige and financial benefits, while expanding personal competency and growth potential.

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Convenient, independent self-paced education programs offered through our comprehensive online platform allows you to become certified anywhere in the world.

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Instructors, educators, and subject matter experts all admit they’re continually studying, reading, obtaining certifications, interacting with peers, and looking for more information in their area of expertise. It’s a never-ending process to be a well-informed expert.


Combine your expertise in the global intimate health and wellness industry with your love of helping others by receiving your certification as an Intimate Health Advisor. Further your career knowledge and advancement with an expanded education in retail sales, marketing, and mentorship on how to start your own thriving intimate health and wellness business.


In a world flooded with sexual health, intimate wellness, and sex education, the Institute for Intimate Health offers straightforward knowledge and certification combined with ongoing, up-to-date information and mentorship all in one convenient location.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Students can obtain certification online via a series of step-by-step courses created to transform you into a Certified Intimate Health Advisor.

Do these describe you?

  1. I want to better serve customers in retail stores.
  2. I want to gain recognition as being a leader in my field and for having valued/extensive knowledge that relates to my customers.
  3. I want to get better and better opportunities because of my intimate education.
  4. I want to meet and team up with like-minded individuals.
  5. I want to earn more money because of my extended education.
  6. I want to be a valued part of my community because of the knowledge and education I can provide.
  7. I want to be looked upon with respect from others.
  8. I want to be sought out for my advice and assistance.
  9. I want to be a leader in the sexual education movement.
  10. I want to have the education and knowledge needed to be comfortable in any customer situation.

Your certification can help you in your current position, can launch you on a new health and wellness career path, and/or if you choose to start your own business, the Institute is working on a mentorship program to teach students the steps to take to healthpreneur success. 

Certification as an Intimate Health Advisor allows for IHA designatory letters after your signature to show your accreditation, use of the certified IHA logo which is a registered trademark and cannot be used by anyone except those certified by the Institute of Intimate Health, and your knowledge and education are endorsed and approved by the Institute. Students also become a part of a like-minded community of health and wellness professionals.

Certification is via online courses that cover a wide variety of intimate health and wellness topics specifically geared toward those who work with consumers and/or wish to start their own sexual health business. Additional add-on courses cover retail, sales, and marketing education that compliments the health and wellness courses.

All students will be tested prior to certification. In addition to online courses, assignments such as reading, essays, and other lessons may be assigned. 

The Institute of Intimate Health allows students to work at their own pace. Students usually take 6-8 weeks to complete courses and assignments. 


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