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Achieving an industry-recognized certification is valuable in every profession. In a world flooded with sexual wellness education and information, this comprehensive Intimate Health Advisor certification can lead to your dream job, lead you down a life-long path of learning, and show you ways to launch your own career possibilities.


An Institute built on Research and Real-World Training

The Institute's Training and Certification Programs provide a distinct advantage over traditional sex-ed, wellness, and sales-and-marketing educational content. We have developed an online curriculum of certification courses derived directly from almost 20 years of experience, marketing research, and testing. The real-world lessons gleaned from this rigorous process have built quantifiable, repeatable methodologies that are designed to increase knowledge, sales, and personal opportunities.

Our courses provide in-depth training on topics specifically relevant to today's consumer and are designed to help improve your sales and marketing performance, with a deep dive into intimate health and wellness. 



We all carry the same life-long desire to find the career we were born to do, to be happy, and to live a life of meaning.

We hope to be in a place where we can thrive and make a difference.

You're in the right place. Welcome to your new life!


Sunny Rodgers, ACS, Ph.D. student
Founder & Director of Curriculum

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